Mozrov cave

Armenia is famous for its sacred places – monasteries and churches, as well as mountains and gorges. But there are also perfect places for adventure lovers, such as mysterious caves inside the mountains.

Mozrov caverns are situated in Vayots dzor region of Armenia, near Yeghegnadzor city. The caves are 300 meters deep. We don’t recommend you to go there alone, without a guide, since there are still a lot of unknown and dangerous places there.

This fantastic caves, full of unique and wonderful stalagmite and stalactite formations, aren’t completely mapped yet.

Mozrov cave was discovered in 1965. They say, it was discovered by accident when a road to Mozrov village was being constructed. Since than a lot of locals and tourists try to make their way through the cave, like the heroes of NatGeo films. Stunning beauty plus adrenaline – that’s what this place is about. All the formations – stalagmites, stalactites, columns, flowstone, are multi-colored. It’s nearly unbelievable, that the author of such beauty is the nature itself.      So don’t forget to take your photo camera, taking photos isn’t forbidden. But please be careful not to wake up the sleeping bats while using the flash. Another advice: you’d better put on some old clothes, since they will get dirty for sure. Take into consideration that getting into the cave is a real challenge.

The tour inside the cave last about an hour.

Not far from Mozrov cave there are a lot of other places of interest that you can visit the same day. Among them – Noravank Monastery in the Gorge of Noravank – one of the most beautiful places in Armenia, Arjer cave and Magel cave (in case you loved Mozrov cave). Arjer cave is the longest in Armenia. “Arjer” is translated as “bear”: the cave got his name because of numerous bones of bears, found in the cave.