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Aroutiun Galentz is one of the most prominent artists of the XX century. He was born in Kyurin city of the Ottoman Empire but soon after the Armenian Genocide found refuge in one of the orphanage of Aleppo. Consequently, Galentz moved to Beirut, where he received his education. In 1946, Galentz settled in Armenia. The artist is most famous for his vivid portraits, still life paintings and landscapes.Among his most prominent art works are “Autumn in the Botanical Garden” (1965), “Still Life” (1967) “The portrait of violinist Avet Gabrielyan”,etc. Currently, the art works of Galentz are presented in the National Gallery of Armenia, Galentz museum, as well as in private collections of Moscow, St.Petersburg, Paris, Vienna, Beirut, Aleppo, Los Angeles, etc.

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